Success. How it is defined can mean different things to different businesses. And when it comes to trade show displays, there are even many ways in which you can actually measure it. Whatever your specific trade show goals may be, one thing is certain: choosing an exhibit company that truly understands your needs is paramount to customized solutions that not only help you attract new business…but also retain the invaluable customer base you already have.

What follows are just a few tangible and intangible strategies to keep in mind when you develop your next trade show exhibit design:

TANGIBLE – Increase Booth Traffic

Have a new product you want to showcase front and center? Maybe you want to take advantage of the latest booth technologies to engage the passive passerby. You know your company’s strengths and weaknesses best, so be sure to discuss them all with your trade show company so that the display designer can customize your exhibit to all your needs.

INTANGIBLE – Brand Awareness

Don’t have a fancy new product to reveal? Is your budget a little tighter this go-around? Sometimes just being present is all you need to maintain successful brand awareness. Your current customers will notice you are there – and your competitors certainly will know when you are not. A smart exhibit design company can always find ways to freshen up your current display, even on the most cost-effective budget.

TANGIBLE – Return on Investment

Whether you’re looking to accelerate sales or debating the benefits of renting versus buying one of the latest trade show displays, the reality is most C-level executives do think in numbers when it comes to assessing if a trade show was a success. Be sure to let your trade show design company know beforehand if that means qualified leads or straight-up sales in your company’s boardroom.

INTANGIBLE – Establishing Trust

Much like your relationship with your trade show booth company, your connection with your customers should be based on honesty and reliability. Work with your trade show designer to display content and images that are true to your brand and purpose. Only by being succinct, direct, and appropriately aligned with your company’s mission, will you ever really achieve real exhibit success.

Of course, there are many more ways you can have a successful trade show. However, all paths begin with the selection of the right trade show marketing company that can personalize solutions based on your individual business needs. Start a dialogue. Weigh your options. And most importantly, partner with a trusted company that can help you define – and achieve – trade show success.