Sustainable Trade Show Exhibits

CenterPoint is dedicated to supporting the future of our planet. We are aware that facility operations, office/business practices, travel, shipping, and waste management all have an impact on the environment.

Some of the tactics we implement to reduce our environmental impact of building and shipping trade show exhibits include:


  • An increasing percentage of our trade show exhibits are built with lightweight, reusable, ecofriendly aluminum frames vs. wood frames.
  • We always try to select raw materials that are safe for the environment and supplied by local vendors.
  • All of our wood, plastics and metal cut-offs and waste from our different machinery is recycled.
  • We utilize water-based finishes and paints throughout our facility.
  • We have a large rental inventory of exhibit components and accessories to utilize in client designs. This enables us to reuse these components many times across many clients. It also gives clients flexibility when they don’t want a capital investment in new custom components.
  • For clients who exhibit at multiple shows, we incorporate modularity into our trade show booth designs so components can be reused across their program.
  • When possible, we print graphics on lightweight fabric, making them reusable from activation to activation, and also greatly reducing the impact on shipping.
  • We order exhibit materials to spec, based on customer needs, minimizing waste.
  • We primarily use LED lighting in our trade show booths. LED lighting draws less power than fluorescent and incandescent lighting, which decreases greenhouse gas emissions. It has a longer life span, reducing the waste of frequent replacement.
  • CenterPoint has a cloud-based portal that consolidates a client’s physical assets so that they can be shared across teams and divisions.
  • Event assets are stored, tracked, returned and reused, minimizing duplication and waste.


  • Our facility is located centrally to optimize exhibit shipping to all US convention venues.
  • Our facility is 1/2 mile from a major highway, and 25 minutes from a major airport, reducing travel/fuel.
  • We have replaced over 6000 fluorescent bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs throughout our entire facility.
  • All production is done in-house, eliminating trips back and forth to outside vendors.
  • We re-use our wood pallets (and buy used).
  • We re-use all wood and metal elements when possible; recycle what is unusable.
  • We recycle our waste cardboard, steel, aluminum, wood, plastics and outdated/broken electronics.
  • Our dock doors are all sealed and protected to reduce winter heating costs.
  • We utilize electric warehouse forklifts, pallet jacks and utility/personnel carts.
  • We use battery-powered tools.
  • Our windows and doors are weatherized.
  • We batch shipments across customers, when possible, to minimize miles and trips.
  • We pre-build our trade show displays in our warehouse with very strict quality control, minimizing excess travel and shipping that would be needed to correct errors.
  • We outsource local I&D teams (supervised by CenterPoint staff) to eliminate travel miles.
  • When disposing of any assets, whether client-owned or CenterPoint-owned, we separate out anything that can and should be recycled, minimizing the amount of waste going into the landfill.
  • All hazardous materials are removed and disposed of per national, state and local regulations.
  • All materials are recycled per our recycling program and all old carpeting is donated and reused by a local partner in the construction industry.


  • Recycle paper, plastic.
  • Timed, digital HVAC is optimized to operate during non-peak energy usage times.
  • Energy-efficient appliances.