Winner “BEST IN SHOW” at GlassBuild 2022!

LiSEC has offered innovative flat glass processing and finishing solutions for more than 60 years. For their GlassBuild 2022 exhibit, LiSEC wanted:

  • A closed space with intentional entrances to direct the flow of traffic.
  • To highlight their glass processes by showing 12 of their finished glass panels.
  • Demo areas for smaller glass examples.
  • A clean, modern look with lighting to make their product the star of the show.

For this award-winning project, CenterPoint helped LiSEC bring their vision to life with an elegant, sophisticated structure. As LiSEC is an Austrian company, this exhibit’s clean look communicated a very European aesthetic.

LiSEC’s larger glass panels are gorgeously displayed around the perimeter of the booth. Company videos, with the only color in the exhibit, positively pop off the white walls. And inside the booth, the space creates a calming, serene atmosphere that invites attendees to come in and stay for a while.