Nanotronics manufactures high-end imaging machines for industrial inspection, quality control and manufacturing at the nano-scale.  Their machines are meticulously made and serviced. While they had designed and built an exhibit that reflected this, the service they were receiving from the exhibit house that constructed the booth was falling short of what they needed on a consistent basis.

Then, CenterPoint took over.  With our procedures, controls and standardized process, we took what was described as a “mess” of a trade show program and brought it back to its glory.  With CenterPoint’s team, we took a wide array of exhibit assets, reorganized them, buttoned up documentation and added on site services where they had been missing previously.  One may think this would result in higher costs, but in reality, with our streamlined process, we saved the client close to 10% on recurring implementation costs for their program at shows such as Photonics West and Semicon.

If your current exhibit house is providing subpar service, contact us to discuss how our processes can provide greater value for your trade show program.