Sleep Number

Sleep Number is defining the sleep tech space. Their revolutionary smart beds deliver proven, quality sleep. Their integrated SleepIQ® operating system delivers actionable insights to improve health and wellness. The new Climate360 Smart Bed adjusts temperature to keep you comfortable all night.

Sleep Number Retail Stores

Sleep Number asked CenterPoint to help them design a new retail concept store reflecting their growing brand that integrates technology into the customer experience, with a focus on sustainability as a foundational requirement.

Through a highly collaborative process, CenterPoint and Sleep Number designed a stylistically on-trend space that feels more like a spa with a focus on health and wellness. The store design integrates Sleep Number products, presentation technology, and interconnected zones that help their Sleep Expert associates smoothly guide customers through the process of understanding how to achieve better sleeping habits.

Because retail stores are usually remodeled or relocated in about two to 10 years, Sleep Number felt it imperative to design its stores to have a lower carbon footprint, including the materials used for the initial build, the ongoing energy and water use, to maintenance over its useful life, and flexibility for updates with minimal waste.

The design will be rolled out to over 650 retail stores, with variations depending on regional climate and budgetary needs.