Look up, not down. There are potential customers walking by your trade show display. Did you miss someone important? Perhaps a potential client with deep needs and a soaring budget. A smart exhibit design company should be able to explain just why this is so critical to your trade show success. Sure, you need all the whistles and bells in your trade show exhibit design, but ultimately, it’s the people that bring the new business in and carry out the down-the-line sale. Here are just a few things you should always be thinking about with your trade show displays.

  • Interesting Technology – We don’t have to tell you that flashiness and intrigue are key components that draw potential new customers to your exhibit. Work with your display designer to find the most forward-thinking technology that fits your brand.
  • Strategic Staffing – We cannot stress enough how critical this point is. You only want people running your booth who are able to draw people in. Engage with them. And intrigue them to inquire further. So first things first: put the cell phones down! Or better yet, ban them from your exhibit all together. Penalize them if they’re caught on their phones, or go the other way and incentivize them so they, themselves, remain engaged. If you make an investment in staff training ahead of time, you’ll be better off on the floor.
  • Engaging Video – It’s no secret that sometimes interested potential customers are going to have wait to talk to someone because there is just not enough staff. That’s okay. But you don’t want them to get overly impatient and leave. How do you solve this problem? Well, an engaging video of course. A good video can become a booth attendant all its own. Think about what product you’re currently promoting or have it just be about your general brand. The point is, you don’t want anyone leaving, and a video can help you prevent just that.
  • Fun or Useful Giveaways – Perhaps the easiest and most obvious of the bunch, but no less important. A great trade show booth company can think of creative ways to promote your product or company, and create a buzz on the floor thatg drive more traffic to your exhibit. And then, if your staff has their cell phones down, they can lead this additional traffic to the ins and outs of your exciting new product.

Follow these simple steps by choosing a good trade show design company, practice smart staffing, invest in training and technology, and you’ll be well on your way to one-of-a-kind in-booth engagement.