Baylis Medical

Baylis Medical offers advanced transseptal access solutions as well as guidewires, sheaths and dilators used to support catheter-based left-heart procedures. Bayliss has carved out a unique piece of the diagnostic catheter niche, allowing physicians to reach previously inaccessible areas of the coronary sinus and beyond.

Baylis Medical at tradeshows

As a smaller company competing with medical device giants at the Heart Rhythm Society Show, Bayliss needed to promote a strong brand identity without breaking the bank, so they reached out to CenterPoint for help.

Given their budget, it was determined that the best solution was a custom rental exhibit from CenterPoint.  Baylis desired a design that could showcase its great array of high-end digital content in the booth, while still having an open and accessible floorplan. Individual and group demos were needed as well as areas to showcase their product on the periphery of the booth, along with adequate storage.

CenterPoint delivered with this clean design, featuring 16-foot-tall backlit graphic monoliths in a cutting-edge configuration, storage and an option to use Baylis’s existing counters on the corners for cost control. The result – a bold exhibit that reflected Baylis’s impact in the industry.

Another bonus of the exhibit rental: Bayliss was acquired by Boston Scientific just a few months after the show, and so there was no extraneous owned exhibit property or wasted exhibit purchase expense post-merger.