Canon Medical Group

Canon Medical Group is a leader in healthcare imaging, using smart algorithms and techniques of innovation. Vitrea® Enterprise Imaging solution provides a modular and scalable enterprise message orchestration, enterprise visualization and enterprise analytics solutions. Our solutions empower today’s clinicians to make real-time precise decision-making and enable exceptional patient care delivery. Canon Medical offers a full range of diagnostic medical imaging solutions including CT, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Vascular and MR, and a full suite of Healthcare IT solutions, across the globe.

CenterPoint Marketing and Live Marketing partnered with Canon Medical Group to introduce this extremely successful brand experience at HIMSS in Las Vegas. With an integrated program including pre-show promotions, crowd-gathering, professional speakers and a charitable giving component, Canon Medical became a “destination booth” on the show floor. Canon Medical’s results exceeded all expectations, and so they reused the same exhibit and strategies with minor changes the following year.

Canon bought out the former Vital Images, which became Canon Medical Group. You can see the former Vital Images rental exhibit, also designed by CenterPoint, here.