Sleep Number

Sleep Number is defining the sleep tech space. Their revolutionary smart beds deliver proven, quality sleep. Their integrated SleepIQ® operating system delivers actionable insights to improve health and wellness. The new Climate360 Smart Bed adjusts temperature to keep you comfortable all night.

Sleep Number at CES 2020

Sleep Number has been exhibiting at CES for several years, winning multiple major industry awards several years in a row as they continue to expand the brand experience possibilities at the largest trade show in the United States.

The 2020 exhibit was a platform to announce Sleep Number’s launch of the new Climate360 Smart Bed. The exhibit also featured the 360 Smart Bed with SleepIQ technology. Branding was stunning with Sleep Number’s triangles featured on the ceiling that changed colors from red to blue. The changing colors represented the temperature functionality of Sleep Number’s Climate360 Smart Bed. Visitors could try-out the Climate360 Smart Bed while experiencing Sleep Number’s “Ride”- an immersive experience that synced the bed’s heating, cooling, and adjustability features with audio and overhead video monitors. This unique activation won the top gold recognition for Event Marketer’s Experience Design & Technology Award for the Best Exhibit under 50×50 and Exhibitor Magazine’s Best of CES 2020 Award.