Sleep Number

Sleep Number is defining the sleep tech space. Their revolutionary smart beds deliver proven, quality sleep. Their integrated SleepIQ® operating system delivers actionable insights to improve health and wellness. The new Climate360 Smart Bed adjusts temperature to keep you comfortable all night.

Sleep Number and the NFL

Sleep Number is the official sleep and wellness partner of the NFL, and has participated in the Super Bowl since 2018. The debut event in 2018 included the biggest VR football game ever created. Nearly 6000 fans of all ages tested their quarterback skills and learned how a good and bad night’s sleep can impact performance. This activation was the perfect blend of fun and a compelling product message featuring:

  • A VR experience that maximized throughput – averaging 8 people at a time, every 90 seconds.
  • A leaderboard serving as a great photo opportunity to capture and share on social media.
  • A photo opportunity in front of Sleep Number’s 10×30 branded LED screen.
  • Large 30 foot video wall displayed a spectator view of the VR experience.
  • Lead generation App was utilized to collect data from participants and was integrated with the official NFL Fan Mobile Pass.

2018 results:

  • 481MM earned media impressions
  • 21MM social media impressions
  • Over 10,000 leads

The event also featured presentations and real Sleep Number beds (in football helmet enclosures) with overhead screens that replicated their in-store shopping environment.

Sleep Number participated in the Super Bowl Experience in 2019 and 2020, adding to the experience with the Dream Team bedroom where the room magically transformed to a favorite team for a great photo opportunity, and the Zen Zone where fans could calm their minds to move the football with their brain – and score! In 2019 they also added a media event by bringing in Dak Prescott, Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

2019 results:

  • Over 5,000 leads captured for immediate email retargeting
  • 157MM impressions (+60% vs goal)
  • Mentions in eight national stories in high profile publications such as Sports Illustrated and USA Today, as well as a spot on ESPN SportsCenter.
  • 60,000 unique visits to the Sleep Number/NFL landing page.

Named one of the “most unique sponsorship activations” at Super Bowl LIII by Chief Marketer.